37 Must Try Cute Couple Photo Poses!

We believe in the value and importance of couple photos, for photography is one of the best ways to preserve memories and feelings. If you’re thinking about having your engagement session, “how to pose” is probably one of the questions on your mind. Today we’ve collected some of the most romantic and sweet couple photo poses to help you express your love naturally in front of the camera. Get ready to be inspired!


The Forehead Kiss


Credits (from top left): Kristen Kilpatrick / Marvin Tsai / Tumble on App / Ryan Photography / Garrett Coyte / Gracy G / Jordan Voth Photography / Sara Renee / Tim Will


Lift & Carry


Credits (from top left): Studio 29 / Carmen and Ingo Photography / Jana Williams / Acqua Photo / Once Wed / Rosie Hardy


Almost Kiss


Credits (from top left): Elizabeth Messina / BHLDN / Bryce Covey / Laura Nelson Photography / Awake Love / Meg Borders / Priscila Valentina Photography


Cuddle up


Credits (from top left): Erich Mcvey / Branco Prata / Jenny Sun Photography / Benj Haisch / Tiamo Photography / Ben Yew Photography / Amy Lashelle / Elora Blue


Hidden Kiss


Credits (from top left): Ala Cortez / Love The Nelsons / Mark Potter / Acqua Photo / Jana Williams


Romantic Gaze


Credits (from top): Giving Tree Photography / Yurii Yatel



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