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20 Romantic & Fun Beach Engagement Photos

For all you lovelies dreaming of tying the knot in a beach wedding, today we’ve got something romantic for you.  We love the beach as a wedding venue, because you can’t get a better natural backdrop.  The shimmering water and soft velvety sand are perfect for your wedding or engagement photos.  We might dig into serious beach wedding … [Continue Reading]

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For all you lovelies dreaming of tying the knot in a beach wedding, today we’ve got something romantic for you.  We love the beach as a wedding … [Read more...]

20 Romantic & Fun Beach Engagement Photos


Repurposing is a great way to show your creativity by using clever ideas to make old things new again.  It's a great way to save money and make use … [Read more...]

37 Repurposing Ideas – Smart ways to make old things new!


It's not easy to design a rustic wedding in Downtown, but when it's done right, the result truly speaks personality and style.  With fantastic views … [Read more...]

Rustic Downtown Columbus Wedding (from Studio 127)


Veils are an iconic part of a bride's ensemble, and they are back in a stylish way. The classic headwear is now available in exquisite designs, and … [Read more...]

29 Most Beautiful Wedding Veils of 2014


It's time to welcome spring! We love spring weddings because they are so fresh and close to nature.  If you are an environmentally and socially … [Read more...]

Stylish Spring Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration


Its your wedding day and you want to look stylish from head to toe, yes, this includes having pretty and happy feet.  Since a wedding is all about … [Read more...]

Matching Feet! 21 Creative Matching Wedding Shoes

22-Andria Lo Photography

True love makes you feel like a child in front of your other half, where you can always act natural and free with a pure, joyful heart and just simply … [Read more...]

Love like a child! 30 Seriously Cute Engagement Photos


Imagine when romance meets tradition, surrounded by gorgeous pink hues all set against stunning panoramic lake views, Amy & Dwights' wedding is … [Read more...]

Romantic Lakeside Wedding from Rowell Photography


Known as "The City of Love", who could ask for a better honeymoon destination than Paris? Even more spectacular than its iconic sights is the city's … [Read more...]

Romantic Paris Honeymoon Session (from Emm and Clau)


WARNING! We've decided to start the week off super sexy! Bridal boudoir photography is a glamorous and artistic way of capturing a bride’s sensual … [Read more...]

25 Artistic Boudoir Ideas

27-Derrick Rice

Many say that love is the greatest adventure, and we couldn't agree more.  Sometimes magic happens when you take a little risk to step out of your … [Read more...]

Fearless Love! 35 Adventurous Engagement Photo Ideas


It didn't take long before we fell in love with Lauren & Chris' breathtaking Arizona desert engagement session. Not only does it have the … [Read more...]

Beautiful Arizona Desert Engagement from BAKEPHOTOGRAPHY